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Social + AI + Trading

Stake, Vote, Trade and Earn on Your Favourite KOLs Predictions

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Hero X bridges the laptop charging power of social with predictions, AI & trading.

Data from Hero Prediction Pools is used to trade Hero Influencer Keys (HIK’s) and the revenue
from HIK’s is distributed to Hero Genesis Influencer NFT (GIN) holders.

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100+ Partners

Working with over 50+ Influencers, Advisors, Trading Communities etc.

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Largest Database of Influencers

Database of accurate crypto Influencers price predictions.

Growing Flywheel

High earnings through $Hero XP & 50% revenue share for holders & stakers of $HeroX token.

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Most Experienced Team

Building since 2013 with few prior exits, experience & global networks.

New Products

Hero GIN, Hero Influencer Keys (HIK), KOL vs KOL battles, traders tournaments, etc are a few products in the pipeline.

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Strong Community

We have a vibrant and supportive Telegram community where engagement thrives and help is always at hand.

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Bringing together degens, traders
and influencers all on one platform

Everyone laptop charging Earns on Hero X

Decentralised, non biased, equal opportunity to earn

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Create your own Hero Pool & earn commissions on the stake

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Win crypto by stake & vote on Trader/KoLs’ price predictions

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Earn $HEROX & HERO XP by interacting with platform, stake & vote, various contests & campaigns etc

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Frequently asked questions laptop charging

Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly asked questions.

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HERO X is a one-stop SOCIAL + AI + TRADING platform.

Hero Pools is the first product on Hero X.

Hero Pools are prediction pools where users can stake & vote HERO (for) or ZERO (against) stake & vote on their favourite, or not so favourite influencers’ price predictions. Winners take all stake minus the platform fee (currently set at 10%) and influencer (KOL) fee (currently set at 10%). This not only creates accurate KOL rankings, but sets us for numerous future trading and crypto pricing products such as trading Hero Influencer Keys (HIK), copy trading, KOL vs KOL battles, etc. More info on Hero Pools can be found here

When any new Hero Pool is created, users can place HERO or ZERO stake during SEP ONLY, defined as minimum of 1 day and maximum of 10 days depending on PEP. PEP is the period for which the price prediction has been made by the influencer. All Hero Pools terminate automatically after PEP.

Anybody can create decentralised Hero Pools, including any influencer, large or small.

Simply login via socials or connect your MetaMask and hit “Create” on the left side panel. Fill in some basic details about your prediction and Submit. You can now see all pools under “Hero Pools” on the left panel.

Influencer can “claim” their own pool by clicking on the Claim button on the top right hand corner and verifying via twitter, email and wallet address. Now you are the owner of the Hero Pool and ready to claim your commissions post PEP.

Crypto payouts enable Hero X to pay users, stakes and influencers post PEP. Once PEP expires, there is a 30 minute cooling off period, post which any user or influencer can claim their payouts in currency that stakes were made. All payouts are distributed automatically pro rata based on users winning pool pro rata stakes.